About Cellcosmet and Cellmen

The New Generation of Swiss Cellular Cosmetics

In 1982, Roland C. Pfister created Cellap Laboratoire S.A. The company would devote itself exclusively to researching and developing cosmetic products.

And just two years later, in August 1984 they finally came up with a definitive formulation that could be used in cosmetic treatments. Initially these treatments were only available to patients at the revitalisation clinic, still managed at the time by Roland C. Pfister.

But with the experimental stage at a close and given the products’ immediate success, it seemed only logical to make these unique skin care treatments internationally available.

The decision was finally taken in 1985 when Roland C. Pfister gave up directorship of the revitalisation clinic in order to fully devote himself to the launch of this new generation of Swiss cellular cosmetics.

Helped and supported by his wife, Edith Pfister, it took a further two years to finalise the concept of Cellcosmet cosmetics for women and Cellmen cosmetics for men as, before they could properly launch these cellular skin care lines onto the international market, a mountain of work awaited them.

This included producing packaging, documentation and instruction manuals, reformulating the cellular stabilisation methods to adapt them to their new use in dermocosmetics, and a host of other challenges to ensure the selective distribution of the Cellcosmet and Cellmen ranges in both Switzerland and abroad.

In 1986, Cellap Laboratoire S.A. took up premises in Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland where it is home to its own production and processing laboratory, a technologically pioneering R&D department and a team of leading cosmetologists and biologists.

Cellap Laboratoire completed the development of the CellControlTM method in 1987

This was a real breakthrough in the world of cosmetics and a key moment in the history of cellular cosmetics. It also heralded the start of an international success story.

The CellControlTM method means that cellular material can be kept in its active state for months at a time, thanks to the use of a stabilising liquid especially developed by scientists at Cellap Laboratoire.

This provides access to active stabilised bio-integral cells that not only maintain their biological integrity but also their extraordinary vital energy. These cells can then be incorporated into the formulation of the Cellcosmet and Cellmen products that, in turn, are selectively distributed throughout the world by Cellap Laboratoire.

To this day, the CellControlTM method that Cellap Laboratoire applies to its cellular products remains the most effective and best adapted treatment for stimulating skin revitalisation.

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